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Top Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry is the Medi Trip Vip speciality, and we are highly regarded around Melbourne for the excellent service we offer our clients. We strive to keep teeth healthy and strong, whilst ensuring that they look their best, through a range of cosmetic options including veneers, whitening, and dental implants. Our experienced team draw on their wealth of expertise to provide you with a premium dental service and ensure that you leave our practice with a happy smile! To book an appointment, please get in touch on 3213174001.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

We offer a professional whitening services tailored to your smile and to impressive results. Many of our procedures are minimally invasive, safe and effective solutions to discoloured teeth, and all of them will improve your confidence no end. We provide an initial consultation to discuss the degree of whitening that’s best for you. We’ll also assess your general dental health and give advice for prolonging your whitening treatment. You then have the choice as to whether you’d like to visit us for a regulat treatment series, or whether you’d like to use a home whitening solution.

Why Meditripvip?

We are committed to excellence in dentistry and our friendly team spend a large amount of their time improving their skills to ensure an amazing service, from start to finish. We provide a painless, relaxed, and rewarding experience for customers and that’s why they keep returning to us. We are committed to providing the best customer service that is warm and welcoming.


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